Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sara - Handmade Rings

Are you tired of flower cabochons yet? I'm not :)
These flower canochons are bigger than the ones used for Julia. Available in 10 colors as seen above.

The rings are gold toned and are super high quality and they are very strong. These rings are very durable, they are adjustable and trust me - they are not as fllimsy as the adjustable rings commonly sold. They won't bend and distort. They are the same type of rings used in Julia except that these are in gold tone.

Here's picture a comparison between the Sara and Julia rings.

Vintage-style flower cabochons - 2.0cm diameter
Gold-tone strong adjustable ring blank with 10mm pad - 1.6cm - 2.2cm inner ring

1 for RM 18 each
2 for RM17 each
3 or more for RM 15 each

Clearance sale price : RM 10 each
*Currency converter available at the sidebar

1 left - dark blue
Middle finger (L-R) - Off white, Blue, Pale Pink (almost like lilac)
Index finger (L_R) - Pale Coral, Sky Blue

Click here to find out how to place an order.

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