Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Care Instructions

Ok let's face it. The jewelry that you get from here is not going to last or look as good as new 3 months down the road if you don't make an effort to maintain it properly. The care you provide for your jelwery will be rewarding by providing years of pleasureable wear. So please make sure that you understand how jewelry should be worn, stored and properly cleaned.

Here are some simple things you can do to protect your jewelry:
  • Apply makeup, hair spray, and perfume before putting on your jewelry
  • After each wearing, wipe with a soft cotton cloth to remove make up and skin oils .
  • Remove jewelry when gardening, cleaning or bathing.
  • Do not wear in a swimming pool or hot tub. Chlorine can damage various gemstones and metals including gold.
  • Keep away from chemicals, extreme temperatures, and sunlight.

Here are some tips on storing your jewelry:

  • Store away from heat sources and sunlight. The sun may fade some gemstones.
  • Store separately so each piece doesn't scratch the other.
  • Store jewelry with silver accents in zip lock plastic bags with anti-tarnish strips to retard tarnish.

How to clean your jewelry:
Most jewelry can be safely cleaned using a soft clean cloth, preferably 100% cotton. A clean old T-shirt is perfect. Warm soapy water (mild dish detergent) can also be used but be careful with certain gemstones. Some can lose their polished finish. If you are not certain, act on the side of caution and only wipe with a soft cloth. You can use an unused toothbrush dipped in soapy water to clean individual beads. Be sure to rinse in fresh water, being careful not to leave any soap residue. Pat dry with a clean cloth.

Sterling silver can be cleaned in a variety of ways.

  • Commercial silver cleaners: Be sure any gemstones in the jewelry can withstand the chemicals in the cleaner. Read the label, and if in doubt, do not use a chemical cleaner. Some gemstones that cannot be placed in most commercial jewelry cleaners are: pearls, lapis lazuli, malachite, opals, coral, turquoise, and others.
  • Ammonia and water: Use a light solution of ammonia and water on an (unused) toothbrush or soft cloth, then rinse thoroughly with water. Ammonia should not be used on the same types of gemstones that should not be cleaned by commercial cleaners.
    Jewelry polishing cloths: Use lightly to restore luster.

How to keep sterling silver from tarnishing:

The easiest way to keep your silver clean and shiny is to wear your jewelry regularly! Your body oils help keep tarnishing and cleaning to a minimum.

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