Thursday, August 2, 2012

Handmade Hair Pins

Hello again...Sorry for the long hiatus. I am trying to get back into the groove of things. After clearing most of the existing stock, I've decided to start fresh with new ideas and new designs - considering that I have been 'out of action' for almost 2 years now. 

First things first! If you recall, a bunch of these lovely handmade hair pins were sold in Nov 2010 (has it been THATTTT long?) and since it was such a big hit then, I've decided to make them again and this time, they are priced lower.

Please note that these are ahandmade and hence there may be slight irregularities e.g. the flower cabochon may not be dead centered on the hair pin and there may be a tiny blemish or two on the hair pins.  These hair pins are very sturdy and they are not sharp at the ends - and that makes it not only suitable for adults but also for little girls :) 

Hair Pins - 5cm 
Plastic floral cabochon - approx. 1cm  diameter
Materials were imported from Hong Kong and U.S.

1 pair = RM 7
3 pairs = RM 18
5 pairs = RM 25

*Currency converter is available at the sidebar.

*There are no remakes at the moment.
*Each pair is unique

a (turqoise flower on pink clip) - available
b (green flower on pink clip)- available
c (mint green flower on red clip) - available
d (peach/salmon  flower on red clip) - SOLD
e (yellow sunflower on red clip)- RESERVED
f (lavender flower on white clip)- SOLD
g (pink flower on white clip) - RESERVED
h (peach/salmon  flower on black clip) - SOLD
i (yellow sunflower on black clip) - RESERVED
j (turqoise flower on yellow clip)- RESERVED
k (pink flower on blue clip)- available
l (peach/salmon flower on blue clip) - RESERVED 
m (pink flower on orange clip) - RESERVED
n (yellow sunflower on orange clip) - available
Click here to find out how to place your order.

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